Weekly plan and Important notices

The Montessori Children’s House Nursery School

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Weekly Plan for week commencing:

15th – 19th of January 2018

 Project for this week:


The children will explore 2d shapes, their characteristics and use mathematical language to describe them. They will be able to recognise and name each individual shape (circle, triangle, square and rectangle) while working with the metal inset for design or using shapes for the creative purpose or in their play. To challenge the children the extended activities will be introduced; geometric cabinet, exploring a broad range of shapes, for example; pentagon, hexagon, octagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and decagon.

 Letter of the week:

‘  m’

Please encourage your child to look at home for a small object/picture that begins with initial sound “m” for example milk, map, monkey or Monday… to support our letter of the week practice. Thank you.

Book review:

 Children will choose a story book to take home on Wednesday. Please make a note or write a short comment about the book. Story books will be changed every two weeks. Thank you.

 MONTY - our little toy bear will be going home with Charlotte this week.

 Flowers for this week: Alfaios Encourage your child to choose any bouquet of flowers independently as it promotes child’s ability to make free choices, to teach them to be responsible, develops child’s self-esteem, links home and the nursery environment, gives an opportunity to talk and share knowledge, helps to practise fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination e.g. use of scissors, ability to pour using a large jug and a funnel.

 Things to remember for this week;

Fruits, dry fruits or vegetables to bring in, once a week, for all the children to share for snack e.g. bag of oranges, bananas, pears, carrots, cucumber, raisins…Please do not send in nuts/we have children with allergies/, chocolate or crisps as we are focusing on healthy eating and encouraging children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

As we are promoting healthy eating at the Montessori we would like you to think about the lunch you are making for your child, ideally, the fresh home cooked food would be the most suitable. If your child is having grapes for lunch, please make sure each grape is cut into smaller pieces. Thank you. Make sure the lunch box and all the rest of food containers, bottles or your own cutlery are named, please.                                                                           

Children need to bring their book bags and smocks each day. Please, check the table downstairs for any letters or invoices. Provide your child with the appropriate clothing for this time of the year – water-resistant jacket and wellies, please name them. Thank you Keep the spare clothes on your child’s peg, please. If your child wears nappies have few spare nappies and wipes in a blue Montessori bag. If you have any questions or concerns please speak with Viktoria.

 Many thanks.                                                                

The Montessori Team: Viktoria, Hema, Bella, Jyoti, Mathu, Alina, Sangeetha and Khola.